Men er dét du deler videnskabeligt bevist?


In between, I get (often sparse) questions about whether the tools I share are scientifically proven.

The answer is “I do not know”.

I know there is science that says they can prove acupuncture and reflexology, but as with anything else science, there is also something to contradict it.

Frankly, I do not care.

I’m not the type that depends on whether the science is in place, I always get a headache and get exhausted when I study scientific studies – even if it’s topics I think are super exciting. Therefore, I am also completely up-to-date on the science of alternative / complementary / natural treatment.

Instead, I’m an experience-kind-of-person

Many of my previous clients will be able to report that I go in “project mode” and try all kinds of different things (ie alternative treatment) to help the body to natural healing.

My experiences, therefore, are those I lean over. And of course, my experience of the good teacher, all the books I’ve read, my colleagues’ experiences, etc., which I’m inspired of, have tested and maybe build on. Not to forget that I listen to all the feedback I get from my books, from tools I’m online, etc.

And something else very important is that I listen to my body and my intuition, and am convinced that it will save all the answers 🙂

So, if it’s important to you that there is scientific evidence for the reflexology and acupressure that I share, it’s not me who’s right to follow. And that’s fine 🙂

Something I know (of experience) about flow in life is that you always have to follow the path where there is energy, high mood and ease. If I walked “I must have read all the scientific” paths, it would not be my own way. So, that would be something I did to satisfy some other than myself, and when I do that, it stops my flow in life.

So, I adhere to the one that works best for me, and it’s experience and intuition 🙂

However, I would add that science is comparatively new when comparing to the 3000 years you can at least track acupuncture and reflexology. I’m not the only one who has great faith in my experiences, and not least intuition 🙂

If you want to read some parents’ experiences with my books, it can be done on my instagram , where I often share stories 🙂

I hope, of course, you want to try the things I share and as I write in my books, because they can hopefully help you or your beautiful children, whether scientifically proven or not 🙂

Hug from Katrine

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