Katrine Birk (en)

My name is Katrine Birk and LOVE all the ways the body is able to heal itself if we just help it a little.

No feelings are bad – but they may be stagnant

Therefore, I have created a universe where I help and teach how we can naturally, easily and efficiently help babies, children and adults for better health and more well-being – without all possible flaws.

I love new projects and challenges, and so often I have a lot of things 😉 But primarily I am the author of the four books in the Press & Happy series, I am the founder and teacher of the education of the Holistic Energy Therapist, as well as the education of ‘Press & happy treats’. I hold courses and workshops for private and professionals, and I meet over 100 beautiful souls every year on my programs and courses.

Help others to dissolve inhibitory feelings

I have always worked with alternative treatment, and therefore I could also start up as an independent therapist at the age of 18. I have had a clinic for many years and made me a lot of experience about what works and what does not work for people when they suffer from imbalances. These are the experiences that I am wildly passionate about sharing and giving on today.

Private I have lived in Copenhagen for 9 years, but recently moved to Helsingør with my girlfriend and our two little children. So I enjoy life in our house with lovely garden and close to water and forest

My education

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